Tam Family

I got to hang out with the Tam fam at Flowing Well on Saturday night. I just adore this family and their girls are the absolute cutest. They even brought their little dog who was extremely well behaved for his pictures.

Titanic Photoshoot

I have to post this amazing family in two parts, this part being my absolute favorite. Their astounding son came into this shoot ready to take my job and it couldn’t have been more fun. He knew exactly what pictures he wanted for his family, took the lead and told them what to do, and laughed through the entire thing. He made mom and dad kiss so he could show what he thought of it from behind. Then, he made them reenact the Titanic while he stood strong as an iceberg. All of these shots were 110% this amazing kids idea and his parents played out his entire vision with the biggest smiles.

Ausome Mom

This amazing mom caught the tail end of our photoshoot. It was getting dark and starting to rain. And her sweet boy quickly found the water side of the ruins that every child wanted to flock to. She didn’t bat an eye and let him jump right in and find his happiness as we worked to grab a few quick shots. They had a super sweet bond! #AusomeMoms. #ausomeindy

5 Minute Shoot

This was the fastest photo shoot I’ve ever done and they nailed it. It was 5 spectacular minutes to catch a beautiful family that was finally all home at the same time. It was so nice to finally meet you all!