About Us

Hello, welcome to Buonanno Photography LLC., a family owned and operated business. We are Christie and Nathan, the couple behind the cameras and the memories captured with each snap of the button. We are grateful that you’ve taken the time to consider us as your photographers!

Life is a journey of ups and downs, moments we learn and grow from. Over the years we’ve learned to be grateful for each day and all that we have and to treasure the individuals in our lives. So don’t wait, make the choice to invest in something that will give you memories to last a lifetime, something you’ll be grateful for in time. Each client is special to us and we aim to serve in a way that makes you know we truly care about you and those who are special to you.

We love shoot outside in the beautiful settings God gave us. There is so much natural beauty to capture here in our area with each season. While we love the great outdoors, we also love to shoot in homes and places that are meaningful to our clients. If you take a peek at our work, you’ll notice we love natural light and try to keep things as authentic as possible. Whether it’s your first time in front of our lens or you’ve been with us before, you’ll quickly find that we like to have fun with our clients and will work hard to capture authentic moments of joy and interaction with you.

Nathan and I have combined our passions and strengths to develop a business we are proud of. From the time I was little, I’ve always had a camera in my hand, snapping photos of anyone who would allow me to do so. There’s always been an excitement in seeing other’s emotions through the lens. Nathan has always enjoyed working with technology and computer design. Together, we work side by side to turn our passions into your special memories!

Outside of photography and design, we keep busy with our careers and coaching. I’m a first grade teacher and Nathan works in non-profit administration and fundraising. We are the proud parents of four amazing boys and have three crazy, loveable dogs. Our children are working alongside us at various times learning the business and the art of photography as well. Faith and family are the root of our being! Choose Buonanno Photography and help us learn about you and your loved ones.